June 2013

BePink is ready for the Giro Rosa – 28.06
Dalia Muccioli and her teammates want to be a part of it

Dalia achieves her dream – she is the new Italian champion! - 27.06
Alena is the Byelorussian champion – for 2 years in a row

Doris Schweizer shines in Switzerland ! – 23.06
And now it’s time for the Italian championships

Alena Amialiusik wins the individual time trial ! – 22.06
Silvia Valsecchi and Doris Schweizer on the podium in Italy and Switzerland

BePink’s athletes are ready for the national championship - 18.06
Italy, Poland, Byelorussia, Switzerland and Israel

Giro del Trentino: Georgia Williams is among the best in the race – 17.06
Ilaria Sanguineti steps on the podium in Sarnonico

Giro del Trentino: a great performance for BePink – 15.06
Dalia, Georgia, Doris, Noemi, Simona and Alice ruled the TTT

The next committment for BePink is the Giro del Trentino - 13.06
BePink’s athletes will participate in this short stage race

Gippingen: BePink steals the show! – 9.06
Doris wins the last stage, Dalia wins the race. Three BePink athletes on the podium

Gippingen GP: an amazing performance – 8.06
Dalia Muccioli wins the first stage, followed by Georgia Williams

Malgorzata Wojtyra wins the scratch race in Valencia – 3.06
Ilaria Sanguineti wins her first race with BePink’s jersey in Vecchiazzano